community & Economic DEVELOPMENT

We assist organizations and municipal agencies in promoting development strategies that leverage local, state, and federal resources for the benefit of a community. Our team of consultants emphasizes place-based strategies that take root in the nuances of stakeholder relationships and participatory planning to collaboratively design strategies that consider the local context and community need.

Education ADministration

We provide New York City-based charter school administrations with technical assistance related to recruitment, municipal compliance, re-certification, and staff development to establish and maintain systems essential to student and school success. Our team of consultants is skilled at navigating the often confusing process of re-certification and work closely with school leaders to perform ongoing reviews and assessments of each school's compliance with regulatory requirements.


We assist human service agencies develop comprehensive strategic plans that establish direction, maximize community impact, and increase return on investment. Our team of consultants are experienced in providing in-depth programmatic analysis to assist organizations in researching financing options available from public and private sources, reduce or contain costs related to service provision, and promote improved client outcomes for service programs.


We provide organizations with industry best practices and strategy guidance to target workforce challenges. In collaboration with clients and regional partners, we develop comprehensive strategic plans that establish direction for organizations to maximize community impact and return on investment. This process involves research and analysis of regional economic and workforce studies, and environmental scans of existing economic and workforce data.


We help newly formed organizations, programs, and projects develop capacity to be successful in their endeavors. As a fiscal sponsor, we provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects. CDTI offers both administrative/policy and programmatic services to help your organization better manage the increasing and changing demands of operating a non-profit organization. Our role can include performing a number of different administrative functions on behalf of the sponsored entity, including taking on the responsibility of receiving and administering charitable contributions on behalf of the sponsored organization.