Australian businesses that supply products and services to other businesses have to interact with department heads and decision makers and explain the value proposition to make a sale.

O3 Digital is a leading PPC agency that helps to achieve business goals of such businesses with paid social campaigns on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

33% Of B2B Decision Makers Use LinkedIn To Research Purchases (Source – Hootsuite)

If 80 per cent of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn Ads, it isn’t a surprise. LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B marketers for organic marketing as well as paid advertising.

We run LinkedIn paid ad campaigns for our various customers, and they get desired results from them.

More Results With Goal Oriented PPC Services in Australia

With LinkedIn it’s easy to create ads that meet certain objective.

Awareness  Consideration  Conversion 
Brand Awareness  Website Visits  Lead Generation 
  Engagement  Website Conversion 
  Video Views  Job Applicants 

Two popular LinkedIn ad objectives are – website visits, and lead generation.

Website Visits – For More Traffic on Selected URL

Ads that are created to increase the website visits are also termed as Traffic Ads. These are used to generate more traffic to the website, or a certain website page or a landing page.

The best part of these ads is that you are charged when someone clicks on the website and not just the ad. It means only clicks that result in traffic to the destination URL are considered and charged.

Lead Generation – For getting more enquiries, quotes, proposals

Getting more leads is the end objective for B2B marketers running ad campaign with this objective.

LinkedIn lead-gen ads come with a form. When an interested buyer clicks on the CTA button, this form appears in the same window. LinkedIn automatically fills the detail in the form, making it a lot easy for the person trying to fill it.

Targeting the Right B2B Audience with Right Message and Offer


Our LinkedIn marketing campaigns are executed with careful planning, and LinkedIn helps the objective with various audience targeting options. When the ads are more relevant to the people viewing them, it leads to higher engagement and more conversions. LinkedIn offers several audience attribute categories.

  • Demography
  • Member groups
  • Education
  • Job experience
  • Functions or skills
  • Seniority, job title or experience
  • Interests

There are hosts of other options that are available to ensure that the ads reach the audience that they are meant for.


The message is a combination of the following parts.

  • Creatives – It is the image that the audience will be seeing in the ad.
  • Copy – It is the ad copy (text message) to persuade the offer.
  • USP – It is the central objective around which the image and the ad-copy revolves.

Keep in mind that the USP changes the viewpoint using which the ad is created. The message that we create for ads often includes specific angel that benefits the audience.


It is the offer that drives the audience down the conversion funnel. We create a tailored offer that contains the monetary benefits and the limited duration for which it is available. Most business run ad campaign with offers – sale, event, etc.

Unobtrusive Promotion – Decide Where Ad Appears

LinkedIn offers different types of ads and based on business goals we choose the most appropriate variant that conveys the ad message in the least intrusive way.

Sponsored Post

The sponsored content comes in three different variants – single image ad, video ad, and carousel ad. These native ads appear in the home feed like any other organic post. LinkedIn offers the ability to put a form in the ad that’s helping in growing the contact list.

Text Ads

These ads appear on the right-hand side or top of the LinkedIn feed. They are available in various sizes and ratios – square, horizontal, and long-text link.

Sponsored In Mails

These ads send a personalised message to the targeted audience using the LinkedIn internal messaging system.

O3 Digital manages LinkedIn paid ad campaigns for several Australian businesses and drives more leads and campaigns.

Result Focus – Testing Ads to Identify the Most Successful One

What resonates with an audience may not be apparent at the beginning of the ad campaign. Hence, we run multiple ads and keep testing them to find out what works with the targeted audience.

We experiment with the image, ad-copy, offer and the USP until we find the right ad that meets the objectives and produces desired business results.

O3 Digital – Premier Advertising & Branding Agency in Australia

We are a leading B2B digital marketing Agency service provider that runs paid social campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

Every business has unique products, and planning successful ad campaigns for decision makers requires above normal expertise.

That’s where our strength lies – expertise that delivers results on business goals.

Speak to our consultants and find out how you can benefit from our PPC services in Australia.